More Than Just Security Guard Services

When protecting properties security takes on many forms that may include cameras, building access systems, employee ID cards and security guard services. Security guards in particular, serve an important role as both a front line defender of people and property as well as a friendly, customer service oriented “face” of American Security and Protection Service to tenants and visitors alike. With that in mind, it is vitally important that contracted security guards consistently maintain a high-level security posture while also providing great customer service to promote a safe and secure environment for employees and visitors.

Security Guard Services

American Security & Protection Service security guards serve as an extension of your property management and building systems support team to ensure the safety & security of your facility & people.

Console officers monitor CCTV, fire watch, HVAC, elevators and other critical operating systems. Lobby officers add value by coordinating other service providers, as well as serve as a security receptionist.

American Security and Protection Service Officers work with our clients to develop facility-specific emergency response plans and training for security staff, and client management teams alike. Our front-line security officers are selected for their professionalism and customer service skills. Our Officers serve as the face of our clients, serving in a customer service role, interacting directly with management, employees and visitors.

To ensure continuity in security officer service that meets or exceeds client expressed standards,  American Security and Protection Service develops and maintains well-indexed, site-specific written instructions. These standard operating procedures are known as post orders for the guard on duty. The post orders are offered in both manual and electronic format. Post Orders compile detailed instructions designed for quick reference in case of an emergency.

American Security and Protection Service leadership maintains quality of service by conducting audits of our client post orders on a reoccurring basis. Our standardized format enables us to easily update the instructions and incorporate special directions. Properly documented procedures are just one additional way to ensure American Security and Protection Service provides protection you deserve with a commitment you expect.

Mobile Patrols

American Security and Protection Service security officers learn the innermost details about our clients facility, people and processes so they can seamlessly control access and safety.

Access control is monitored through a number of venues, to include badging, personal interaction with employees, visitors and guard patrols. American Security and Protection Service officers are trained to detect, deter, observe and report to maintain both safety and security of the people and property they protect.

Field Supervision

American Security and Protection Service field supervisors manage security staff ensure the safety of the clients people, and train security officers in proper security measures.

Our field supervisors manage security staff that protect clients facility against theft and vandalism; they ensure the safety of the clients people, and train  security officers in proper security measures, perform site and equipment inspections to confirm guards and property are all up to safety standards, and they provide exemplary service to customers. The primary function of a security field supervisor is ensuring that ASPS customers property remains safe and secure.ASPS field supervisors responsibilities  include the day to day management, motivation, coaching and training of security employees, execution of site-specific orientations including review of Post Orders, routine responsibilities, and how to respond to emergency situations or specific clients needs; he/she makes post inspections on a continuing basis and spend quality time required to ensure adequate security officer performance, including inspection of officer’s appearance and review of the actual duties performed by personnel. They implement emergency procedures during any emergency that arise

CCTV Management

CCTV systems are often used to support comprehensive security systems by incorporating video coverage and security alarms for barriers, intrusion detection, and access control.

CCTV is part of a multi-layered security approach, a system design should begin with a comprehensive needs assessment to ensure security risks and mitigation plans are identified.

CCTV system’s effectiveness can be enhanced when integrated with access control, intrusion detection, or duress systems. The ASPS team stands ready to conduct a courtesy site security assessment of your facilities and we will personalize a security protection solution proposal that meets your individual security needs and budget.

Training & Consulting

To ensure our clients have the most cost effective and efficient security solutions, we offer complete security planning and design services, including product selection, project management for your security program.

American Security and Protection Service (ASPS) will upon request, schedule a time convenient for you, come to your facility and conduct a site assessment, in order to best determine your security need.

Providing a local focus security solution capabilityis what American Security and Protection Service is uniquely equipped to deliver just that, comprehensive security consulting and support throughout to our clients.

What Our Clients Say


American Security and Protection provides me with outstanding service. Sometimes our plans change quickly and they are right there with me. I trust them and I count on them.

SVP of Construction, National Construction Group