Recruiting & Retaining the Best

American Security and Protection Service security guards are the backbone of our company. 

Throughout our recruiting, screening, and training process, we’re selecting the best. If you’re interested in security guard jobs and some of the best security guard training around, fill out the form below.

ASPS Security Guards looking at clipboard


We don’t just hire a person, we select our officers based on character, commitment, motivation and a willingness to learn.  We’re looking for career minded individuals, not just someone to fill a schedule. 

ASPS Security Guards in formation


Our officers are of the highest caliber, motivated and with growth in mind. We strive to give them just that, a long term career. Our officers have lives and we provide for them a supportive culture, set schedules and advancement opportunities. American security and protection has a retention rate second to none in the industry. 



American Security and Protection Service has the experience, resources, and know-how to fully train our officers while giving support to our clients.  We train and develop confident, successful officers and set them, and our clients, up for success.

Interested in Security Guard Jobs With Us?

Interested in an exciting career in the security business? We offer attractive compensation, benefits, and long term career options. Fill out the form below to request an informational interview.

What Our Clients Say


I’ve been involved with three large security providers in the last few years, of these, American Security and Protection Service is by far the most professional and dedicated. The officers are always polite to my staff and visitors, but are very aware of their duties. They present themselves and my company in a positive manner that instills trust from everyone they encounter.